20+ People Show How Easy It Is to Make the World a Better Place

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In this world full of negativity, there are people who offer a ray of hope and positivity with their kindness and thoughtfulness. These people are working everyday towards bringing a positive change in the world with their selfless acts — be it picking up trash in their locality, rescuing a helpless animal, or just cutting down on food waste. These acts might be small but are changing the world significantly and making it better.

Bright Side is ever inspired by such people, who might be ordinary but doing something extraordinary with their little acts of compassion.

1. “For at least 13 years, rain or shine — this little old man spends EVERY morning walking around our tiny town picking up trash.”

2. This man is traveling from Indiana to the tip of South America picking up trash along the way. He is already halfway through Central America.

3. This person wrapped an injured owl inside their jacket before animal control arrived.

4. These workers were performing their pre-flight checklist and eventually saved this owl’s life.

5. This man rescued these raccoons from the harsh cold and took them to the nearest animal rehab center.

6. This lady made blankets for all the dogs in her locality’s police unit to save them from cold.

7. “I saw these kind people fishing trash out of the water!”

8. This 10-year-old girl bought toys for an animal shelter with her birthday money.

9. This man “has been quietly doing the #trashtag cleanup for years, combining it with running events, and even printing t-shirts and medals.”

10. This laundry took in a stray dog to save it from the dog catchers. My heart goes out to the owner.

11. “Folks in Sofia have collected bottle caps to buy incubators for sick kids.” Double points for this one!

12. In an attempt to reduce food waste, 325 lbs of recovered food provided meals for the homeless.

13. “When a fishing day turned into a #trashtag challenge.”

14. “This guy in a motorized wheelchair is sweeping up a public sidewalk next to a busy road.”

15. “Grow them, belt them, plant them!”

16. People from a neighborhood volunteered to clean up the lawn for an elderly couple who couldn’t do it themselves.

17. This young man offered the simplest form of kindness to this elderly man — who was afraid to hop on the escalator alone.

18. “On Thursday nights I drive from Detroit to Toledo, collecting dogs from their local kill shelters.”

19. A set of friends took in this lost goose until it grew feathers.

20. “Found this lady making blankets for people who are going through chemo while waiting for her car to be serviced.”

21. This lady rescued 2 kittens, Chance (grey) and Trouble (striped), from inside the wall of her house.

22. This 9-year-old girl is teaching a 68-year-old ice cream seller how to read and write.

23. When people collectively take responsibility to make the world a little better:

These are all ordinary people doing something extraordinary and making a significant impact on the planet. Are you inspired by them? Share your views with us and tell us in the comments if you have encountered people like this and their acts of humanity.

Preview photo credit VirginAustralia / Twitter


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