20 People That Turn Everything They Touch Into Art

3 years ago

There are some people who see art in the places and things that most of us would have never even thought of. They make a painting out of pistachio shells or paper clips or a sculpture from recycled metal or cardboard — they see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

We at Bright Side are always here to look for and find manifestations of people’s creativity to share with our readers.

1. This shark is made of salt.

2. This guy makes sculptures out of recycled tires.

3. This was done with pistachio shells.

4. This man made a chimpanzee from cardboard in his backyard.

5. This art was created using the folding and creasing of paper.

6. A painting made on bread

7. The art of paper cutting

8. This handmade birdhouse looks like modern art.

9. Munch, recreated using paperclips

10. A painting made of tape — simple but cool!

11. This colored sphere is made of paper.

12. Starry Night, recreated with paperclips

13. We never could’ve guessed this lion was made of recycled metal.

14. Lizard origami made in a unique way

15. A leaf made of stained glass

16. An embroidered bee on a guitar strap

17. A guy made this origami koi fish for a tip jar.

18. This paper bird looks like a real one!

19. This was made exclusively with rubber bands.

20. This is not glass, it’s a painting on a rock.

What is the most unusual thing you’ve used to make a real piece of art?

Preview photo credit mohamez / Reddit


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