20+ People Who Can Brag About Having Nerves of Steel

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Life and the people around us keep our emotional stability in check on a regular basis. Bad luck can face us anywhere — on a journey, in a cafe, at work, and even at home. The best thing you can do is remain calm.

The characters of the Bright Side article got into extraordinary situations, but luckily they always have steel nerves and an outstanding sense of humor.

1. “My view for most of my 3-hour flight.”

2. “My mother said I didn’t give her an outfit for my daughter to wear at her house. She had to use a different outfit because these are boy’s shorts.”

“This is the outfit I gave her.”

3. “Some random person parked their car in our private driveway because the street was full.”

4. “Our gym has been promising us a new gym with a running track. After an 8-month delay, we finally got the ’track.’”

5. “My puppy chewed up my hand-carved coffee table I had shipped from Japan.”

6. Get a cat they said. It’ll be fun they said.

7. “I bought a car today, and the dealership had me check off — with a pen, on paper — that I’m not a robot.”

8. “My partner’s ’vegan’ breakfast”

9. Juice to foam ratio

10. “Got new cargo shorts and accidentally sat on a stool that my sister was cleaning with bleach.”

11. “Paid extra for a window seat on a plane so I could see everything.”

12. “My little brother was trying to move today... Geez.”

13. “A neighbor was house sitting for my cat while I was away. She has a dog. I told her the dog wasn’t allowed in my house.”

“I come back to about 30 cat pouches looking like this. My cat is 14 and has no teeth.”

14. “The ATM took my card then just shut down.”

15. “Yes that’s my car, no I don’t have a cat!”

16. “My new bathroom tiles are designed to always look dirty.”

17. “Booked a cheap hotel with a friend. The pictures on the booking website never showed the toilet and the bed in the same picture.”

“I pray my friend doesn’t have to use the toilet tonight.”

18. “Family said they got my favorite for my birthday cake. This is at like 5 a.m. on my birthday... why?”

19. “This sign has been on this elevator for almost 3 years.”

20. “My friend and I rode a ferry today.”

21. “My 12-year-old cousin using her PS5 as a glorified extension cord.”

22. “My landlord entered my apartment without notice to tell me to clean my lint trap”

23. “My mother-in-law cut my son’s hair without asking...”

24. “I put up a fence to keep my thieving and incredibly nosy neighbor out. He then puts up a camera so that he can look in.”

25. “Girlfriend was helping cut my hair, she was doing a fantastic job until I heard a gasp.”

26. “My 5-year-old independently read 50 books. Took all year. I present to you the ‘50 book reward’ from his primary school.”

How do you usually react to extraordinary situations?


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