20+ People Who Couldn’t Be Happier After Major Hair Changes

2 years ago

It takes true courage to drastically change your hairstyle from one day to the next. Whether you want to chop off your super long locks, go for a funky rainbow color, or channel your inner vixen with a daring platinum blonde, a new hairstyle has the power to transform you, even from within. Besides being exciting, this new change can be a breath of fresh air to your life and bring on a boost of confidence, which we all need from time to time.

Bright Side wants to share the before and after photos of some people who dared to go for a new hairstyle and ended up with a huge smile as a result.

1. ’’I donated my hair a few weeks ago.’’

2. ’’Finally got my hair cut into a pixie. I’m in love.’’

3. ’’I had a bit of a change done today.’’

4. ’’I’ve been growing my hair out for 4 years for donation. Finally, I cut it and feel like a new man.’’

5. ’’I look like a new person, and I feel a bit edgy.’’

6. ’’I love my new hair color.’’

7. ’’I have finally chopped my hair after 10 years.’’

8. ’’After months of debating, I finally went for the shaggy chop and bangs.’’

9. ’’Short hair never felt right on me until now. I think I want to go even shorter.’’

10. ’’Gave all my hair to Locks of Love.’’

11. ’’Beyond excited with the results.’’

12. ’’My hair transformation before and after beauty school’’

13. ’’Finally got up the courage to go short.’’

14. ’’I went for a change!’’

15. ’’I spent over 2 years growing my hair. Donated it in my daughter’s name. It feels good.’’

16. ’’I cut my hair, so that’s pretty cool.’’

17. ’’Feeling a lot more like myself after a trip to the hairdresser today.’’

18. Total change of style

19. Do not ask yourself, “Why?” Ask yourself, “Why not?”

20. ’’I finally chopped it the way I like! No longer afraid of hateful comments because I’m hot.’’

21. ’’I’ve been growing my hair out since January of 2018, and this week I finally chopped it all off and donated it.’’

22. “After waiting so long, I feel complete”

Have you ever thought of taking the leap and trying a completely different hairstyle? Do you think a new color or a new cut has a more transformative effect on one’s looks?

Preview photo credit Alex_crab / Reddit


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