20+ People Who Couldn’t Keep Their Creativity Inside

2 years ago

There are many speculations about the phenomenon of creativity. Some say it’s all about creating something new, even if it’s just pitching a new idea. Others insist that it should be something useful and helpful. But the truth is creativity is truly valuable for our society. We simply can’t live without improving things in everyday life and having fun doing ordinary stuff in a new, fascinating way.

We at Bright Side have found some whimsical examples that prove creativity is a never-ending store of fancy discoveries.

1. “Bakers having fun with the gingerbread cookies”

2. “Have you seen this dog?”

3. “My sister made a ’happy-1-year-since-brain-surgery’ cake.”

4. “My parents’ cats have been killing too many birds in the backyard. Solution #1...”

5. “Someone wore this on the non-uniform day at my school.”

6. “Master of improvisation”

7. “Knitted hats for the postboxes appearing in my area.”

8. “My local train station’s nativity scene”

9. “The desk was too low, so I made use of some old Duplo blocks.”

10. “A little soccer goal and ball in this urinal...”

11. “This bug painted up like a ladybug”

12. “Genius!”

13. “My sister is a genius, she’s 7, by the way.”

14. “My dad’s solution to mounting a shelf”

15. “My brother and I changed the backgrounds of every single iPhone/iPad in an Apple store.”

16. “I drew this little girl as an anime character because I was touched by how much her parents love their daughter!”

17. “My niece just made everyone friends and said, ’No fighting!’ I can’t stop laughing.”

18. “A friend told me that my way of eating pizza is genius, slicing off the edges and then rolling it up.”

19. “Lizard haircut: a creative style shown off by a proud pop at Dillard’s”

20. “First-year university creative chemistry assignment!”

21. They found a new family hobby.

What do you think about creativity? Is it all about new scientific discoveries or can literally anyone find a creative bone inside them?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit Giftistaken / reddit


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