20 People Who Deserve a Standing Ovation For Their Hard Work

2 years ago

Some people take on challenges with all they have. They inspire those around them to be their best selves and to never give up on their goals. And it doesn’t matter if it’s about losing weight or creating a wonderful dress from scratch. Hard work pays off.

Bright Side now leaves you with some people who aimed for success and got it. Make sure to stay around for the bonus at the end!

1. Don’t wait for it to happen, make it happen.

2. “Work I did a few weeks ago. I enjoy cable management.”

3. “So satisfying.”

4. “Crusty has made a full recovery.”

5. “I made a coat from broken umbrellas.”

6. “Revamped an old maxi dress.”

7. “Focaccia fresh out of the oven, as requested.”

8. “I liked Taylor Swift’s AMA outfit so, you know, I made one for me.”

9. “I methodically removed a 20-year-old infestation of English Ivy and from my parents’ backyard. Behold!”

10. “I made this huge leather bound ‘spellbook’ with traditional bookbinding techniques.”

11. “I decided to swap our crumbling patio for something a bit nicer.”

12. “I built my daughter a castle bunk bed. Took me a few months, but she loves it.”

13. “I managed to lose 49 lbs.”

14. “My weekend laundry room makeover”

15. “Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to not give up on my lab’s money tree.”

16. “I organized this pepper display at work today.”

17. “I recreated a dress from the show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

18. “3 years in the making, but I’m so glad I didn’t give up.”

19. “Here’s the before and after of a $5 thrifted dress I customized.”

20. “I power-washed our fire pit.”

Bonus: “2 years and tons of walks later, Shiloh has reached her target weight!”

What has been the biggest challenge that you’ve surpassed so far? Fill our comment section with your success stories and photos.

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