20 People Who Didn’t Leave Their Sense of Humor Buried Under the Snow

4 years ago

If you thought that all there was to do during winter is watch TV and wait for warmer days, you will completely change your opinion after reading this article. Some people find a way to have fun no matter how bad the weather. Who knew you could have so much fun in the cold snow? These 20 pictures prove you definitely can.

Luckily, almost everyone has cameras handy these days and at Bright Side, we want to share these wonderfully snowy winter photos with you.

1. She made her first snow angel!

2. Making the most of the snow

3. Some people have an incredible sense of humor.

4. We got two feet of snow!

5. Give me your letters.

6. Yay! More minions

7. Sorry, sir. The sign said, "Go" so I did.

8. My special hair style

9. Handy beer fridge

10. Ta-da!

11. Save meeeee.

12. That must be the coolest snowman ever.

13. Seems like somebody really likes watching Cars.

14. C'mon, get happy!

15. I know what I'm doing the next time it snows.

16. Because I can.

17. Snoopy has fallen asleep!

18. Sorry, boss, can't get to work today, my car got eaten.

19. That's how Canadians clear snow.

20. The Canadian version of water-skiing.

Do you have any unexpected or funny winter photos? Add them to the comments below and share this article with your friends!

Preview photo credit masterm82 / imgur, unknown / imgur


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