20 People Who Let Their Creativity Run Free

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You don’t have to be Leonardo DaVinci or Frida Kahlo to make a splash in the art world, as the artists in this article show us. Thanks to the Internet, these talented people can showcase their creative endeavors, leaving us more than impressed with the results. Whether they dabble in jewelry making, wood carving, or painting, they all blow our hats off with their sheer talent and originality.

We know there are a lot of creative people out there who deserve some recognition, so Bright Side has found some of the most talented ones to show just how far a creative spark can take you.

1. “Made a Christmas tree hat, with working lights.”

2. “Crocheted my wedding dress”

3. “Just finished the ocean resin decor.”

4. “My 14-year-old daughter took a selfie and tried some photo-realism on her tablet she got for Christmas.”

5. “My kids (6 and 3.5) told me they want to mask up and fight racism, so I made them some armor!”

6. “I make moss rings!”

7. “Ceramic plant friend stakes I make to put in pots!”

8. “2021 temperature blanket (mainly London)”

9. “Thought I would make some face earrings a little more colorful with a mix of pressed flowers.”

10. “My proudest painting I’ve completed”

11. “A humpback whale stained glass mirror that I made”

12. “I made a very large Totoro.”

13. “Upcycled a Barbie makeup head + stone texture paint and got a planter!”

14. “I made a spooky sand sculpture!”

15. “An owl that’s been carved into a (dead) tree along my favorite woods trail”

16. “My friend painted this watering can.”

17. “Someone in Stevenage (UK) has gone poppy-mad.”

18. “Spent a couple of months 3D-printing and assembling this glow in the dark 5-foot T-Rex for my son. No more night light needed.”

19. “Most satisfying piece I’ve ever made, used varnish and resin for a super glossy look.”

20. “Space glass pendant”

Who do you know that should get more recognition for their creative work? Share some of your favorite works with us below so that we can all appreciate them!

Preview photo credit Leggylett / Reddit


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