20+ People Who Placed a Completely Normal Order but Suddenly Hit the Jackpot

3 years ago

We all are used to the fact that our orders, whether they were a purchase on the internet or lunch in a cafe, are sometimes made with mistakes. And in most cases, we are disappointed with them. But sometimes unexpected changes in orders and purchases make us extremely happy.

We at Bright Side like good surprises and are sure that the characters of this compilation loved them too.

“I ordered oysters and here is what I discovered in one of them — a pearl!”

“I ordered a pair of pliers on eBay and my package came smothered in vintage stamps. Some were over 60 years old.”

“My new carving knife came with bandages.”

“My new fridge came with an explanation of sounds.”

“This bag of beef jerky came with a flosser.”

“The gum I bought in Japan comes with a stack of paper for easy disposal.”

“This lemon came with a mesh wrap, so the seeds don’t fall into your food when you squeeze it.”

“My order from Japan came with a little origami shirt someone made for me.”

“My order was packaged with a bag of chips as an air cushion.”

“I ordered a $5 cardboard box and got an iPhone X.”

“My dog treats came with a clip, so you can attach one to your phone and take a selfie with your dog.”

“My sewing kit came with a tiny foam shirt.”

“I asked the guy taking my order for, ‘as much fire sauce as you can give me without losing your job.’ Turns out that’s 243 packets. I promise not to ask for any more sauce for a while.”

“New washer came with a pack of washing powder. It’s amazing!”

“My coffee came with instructions for tying a neck tie.”

“My shoes came with a ‘handle’ rather than being packed in a one-time use bag.”

“The bubble wrap that came with the dog treats I ordered is shaped like bones.”

“My textbook rental came with a Red Bull.”

“The machine shop I work at uses salt water taffy for packing peanuts. All the delivery guys love us.”

“My cocktail came with a rubber ducky.”

“This giant chocolate bar came with a hammer.”

What surprises have you discovered in the orders you placed? Were they able to beat the things you’ve just seen in this compilation?

Preview photo credit Kate_Clapp / twitter


Seriously, some of them are so cute I'm gonna die!! Like that tiny foam shirt for sewing.... I love it!

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