20+ People Who Rented an Apartment and Now Have Something to Show Their Grandchildren

2 years ago

Trips — whether long or short — can always raise a person’s spirits. Even a business trip means changing location, resting, and going on adventures. And if you manage to hit the jackpot when booking accommodation, then it’s a plus. That was the case of the people in our compilation. But small and awkward incidents can also happen when booking a place to stay — fluffy roommates in the apartment, the owners’ excessive creativity when designing the bathroom, or a clock that won’t always tell the right time.

At Bright Side, we believe that, when traveling, it’s better to rent an apartment than stay at a hotel. That’s how you can end up spending a weekend with a donkey or staying at a repurposed train wagon.

“I woke up to the owners’ kitten licking my face. Instant 5-star review!”

“I stayed in an Airbnb in southern Utah that was made by dynamiting holes into a sandstone.”

“Beautiful sunset from an Airbnb in Egypt”

“Just a single guy traveling for work and walked into this room that was booked. I can’t stop staring at it.”

“An Airbnb we stayed at in Wexford, Ireland. It is a cozy little house and we had a great time.”

“I stayed at an Airbnb that I think you all would enjoy.”

“The cat that came with my Airbnb under a bed.”

“Incredible Harry Potter Airbnb that I stayed in last fall”

It feels as if Gandalf is going to come up to the fence and knock on the door, doesn’t it?

“Sold our house and we are in an Airbnb for a month until our new house closes. This is the bathroom mirror I get to use for a month to shave, do my hair, put in my contacts, etc.”

Just imagine how wonderful it is to drink a cup of coffee in the morning, enjoying this scenery.

“The way the apartment we rented on the coast folded the toilet paper.”

“The Airbnb my wife and I are spending the weekend at, Victoria, Australia. It’s so cute!”

“We stayed at an Airbnb on a working farm in western Ireland. Our host left us apples to feed adorable Penny.”

“The Airbnb I’m staying in has a pretty sweet home bouldering gym.”

“We rented a shelter via Booking. Turned out, this half of the house is located on the farm. There was a doggy, hens, rabbits, sheep, goats, guineafowls, and even one llama. We hugged everyone.”

“I’d sort of forgotten I’d booked an Edward Gorey themed Airbnb, so that was a fun little surprise to walk into.”

“Stayed at a cabin in Packwood, Washington, and loved this cedar hot tub in the trees.”

“A year ago, I stayed at a dog rescue in Costa Rica. This is how I got woken up on my birthday.”

“The aesthetic in our new Airbnb”

“The clock at the Airbnb I stayed at has no 11.”

“View from the couch at our Airbnb”

“When the Airbnb we are staying at knows their audience.”

“Our Airbnb is an old train caboose turned stay and I’m in love with it.”

“The only reason I booked this Airbnb room.”

“I’ve had some great views from my Airbnb’s over the years.”

“Staying at this cool Airbnb”

Have you ever stayed at an Airbnb apartment that you’ll never forget?

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