20 People Who Saw Something That Was Like a Cold Shower on a Sunny Day

2 years ago

Seeing someone being able to bend their fingers in unreal positions or seeing freaky shadows can probably wake up a tingling sensation within us. There are moments in life that can instantly change our feelings, and these people were lucky enough to take pics, which means they now have a chance to share them with the world.

We at Bright Side have an awesome collection of pics that people found incredibly twisted and we wanted to share them with you too.

1. “My hands are very freaky!”

2. “This sunflower in my garden that refused to give up.”

3. “Albino deer in my driveway.”

4. “A really cool cloud I saw in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.”

5. “The number of flowers I saw growing on this 2-story house yesterday. My lens was too long to capture it all.”

6. “When the light comes in just right it gives my lamp a spooky face.”

7. “My dipping sauce looks like coffee art.”

8. “Half of my family can fold our legs like this.”

9. “4G data is so cheap in India that you get 2GB free with a ₹20 ($0.27) pack of chips.”

10. “This tomato sprouted all its seeds while they were still inside.”

11. “Moai emoji lava lamp.”

12. “This leaf I found looks just like a watermelon.”

13. “This car that I saw on the highway today is covered in cars.”

14. “I saw this fox riding in a car like a dog.”

15. "Son’s new wireless gaming mouse says “NO” instead of “ON.”

16. “Was in the grocery store, and found this odd one out.”

17. “A tiny brick flat in London.”

18. “I had a Disney princess moment at work today.”

19. “My local grocery store has a display space that looks like a truck broke through the wall.”

20. “I guess it wanted to be closer to the sun.”

Which one caught your eye the most? Why? Have you taken a pic that made you question your own eyes?


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