20 People Whose Married Life Is as Intense as the Hunger Games

4 years ago

No one ever said that being married is easy. But some couples go that extra mile to make things a bit more difficult and a lot more entertaining. Whether it’s doing chores, sharing food or watching TV, everyday things are so much more fun for these couples.

At Bright Side, we love hearing funny stories from couples that know how to make life more interesting. Here are their stories.

1. A wife who’s an expert at revenge

2. A wife told her Coke-loving husband that she likes Pepsi, so he made a display for her.

3. The husband from this tweet may have scarred his wife for life, but he really needed those Cheetos!

4. This husband added a twist to the air freshener to scare his wife.

5. What better way to mess with your husband than to casually joke about his social life (or a lack of it)?

6. A husband who made finding the remote an impossible mission for his wife

7. Marriage is all about celebrating each other — and this wife found the perfect way to celebrate her husband’s late arrival home.

8. A creative husband ate all the cake and then blamed it on a dog with a fluffy prop to prove it!

9. A husband wore a T-shirt while his wife was in labor. Let’s just say she wasn’t amused...

10. This poor husband who made a big mistake

11. His wife asked him to mow the lawn, so he did this.

12. A wife reminded her husband that it’s a much better use of time to do chores than to quote movies.

13. She said she wanted a Golden Retriever and her husband bought her exactly that.

14. She wanted laser hair removal but got something else instead.

15. Imagine coming home, excited for a nice shower, and finding your husband in there like this.

16. A wife asked for a bite of his ice cream and now he wants a divorce.

17. The husband behind this tweet proves that nothing comes without a price.

18. She wanted a new hobby, so her husband suggested something new.

19. She asked him if he wanted to share her Twix bar with her, but she didn’t say how.

20. Her husband knows what really matters while cleaning.

Do any of these stories sound familiar? Which one did you think was the funniest? Do you have any similar stories to share? We can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below!

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#5 is totally me when I'm in a relationship haha. I'm mean sometimes ?


I once tried something similar to #7! The whole story was really funny ?‍♀️??


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