20 People Who’ve Learned to Own Their Look and Proudly Show It Off

11 months ago

Seeking to change how we look doesn’t always have to be about pleasing others but trying to find oneself. As we grow older, we search for an image and style that will match our current self, with which we’ll feel identified, and above all, that will make us happy. The following people are so comfortable in their own skin that they’ve decided to share that change for everyone to see.

1. “27 to 29”

2. “15 to 18. I’m pretty happy with the improvement.”

3. “Ages 11, 17, and 26...”

4. “After months of researching treatments for my receding hairline, I finally decided to take the plunge, shave my head bald, and grow a beard.”

“Now I have more confidence than any hair treatment could ever accomplish!”

5. “Just found this old picture. From ages 8 to 19”

6. “Ages 25 to 28. I’ve been told I had a glow-up!”

7. “6 years difference”

8. “Ages 15 vs 24”

9. “19 to 23. Grew a backbone and a mustache”

10. “20 to 23. Somehow I look like the father of myself.”

11. “When I close my eyes and picture myself, I still see myself as I was on the left. 14 y.o. vs 24 y.o.”

12. “16 vs 22”

13. “17 to 20. Gained some confidence”

14. “What a difference 15 years and being healthy make”

15. “16 to 24. Lost the glasses, still have the coat, though”

16. “Crazy what puberty did to me. 12, 16, and 20 years”

“Change of hairstyle, finding makeup style, braces, and clear skin really gave me confidence.”

17. “18 to 25. Grew a beard, haircut, and new glasses”

18. “16/17 and 29/30”

19. “When I was 17, I went through MAJOR changes, and, thankfully, puberty was kind to me.”

20. “18 to 21. High school to college”

Preview photo credit ImpactOfGenshin / Reddit


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