20 Pets Who Could Become Excellent Companions for James Bond

4 years ago

James Bond has always been the greatest spy in the world. But even he has problems fighting villains sometimes. That’s why, like any other person, he needs a pet. A spy companion with a unique skill set that will help him in his dangerous missions!

Bright Side’s intelligence unit revealed the locations of 20 of the most elite masters of disguise, and we would like for you to take a look at their skills!

1. The darkness is displeased with you.

2. A spy sniffs the area for trouble and then slyly observes.

3. Need a master thief to steal something important from your enemies? Hire this cat.

4. “Phew, that was a close one!”

5. Improve. Adapt. Be sneaky.

6. This cat has mastered the art of camouflage.

7. You know you’re a good spy when you’re camouflaged even when you’re asleep.

8. One with the couch

9. James Bond would’ve definitely been proud of these 2!

10. “No one will find me here!”

11. “If I sit here long enough, I will become one with the leaves.”

12. The new, advanced Oreo cookie camouflage

13. Nothing to see here, just a bunch of plush toys

14. Get to the high ground for better visibility.

15. *Spy music starts playing*

16. Boxes are extremely believable disguises

17. Just a picture of some curtains, that’s all

18. Very nicely folded towels

19. A true master of disguise is always hidden.

20. “They will never find me!”

Which one of these pets do you think James Bond should have the honor of working with? Please let us know!

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