20 Photos Proving Dogs Are a Gift From Heaven

3 years ago

Having a dog means you’ll never be a couch potato. They encourage us to socialize and spend more time outdoors, even if the weather is poor and all you want is to lie down. They’re also your best workout buddies, and as a dog owner, you’ll find yourself using different types of muscles for chasing, pulling, and holding your pet. And, without a doubt, you’ll be exercising your facial muscles a lot because those furry balls of love give us many reasons to smile.

We at Bright Side invite you to look at these pawesome pictures that will remind you that love comes in all shapes and sizes — and with a fluffy tail.

1. “My daughter is home with a fever. Puppy therapy has commenced.”

2. “My daughter and dog checking out the first snow of the season”

3. “When she comes home from a long day at school, after a bad day, having been told off, or being sad, she cuddles her best friend.”

4. “My new roommate’s dog likes holding hands.”

5. “My wife caught my daughter and my pittie both begging for food.”

6. “My friend just texted: ’Adopted a dog yesterday...’ along with this pic.”

7. “Mitus loves Grandma. He’s so gentle with her but crazy hyper with anyone else!”

8. “My dad was originally opposed to us getting a dog. I think he changed his mind.”

9. “I met my best friend today.”

10. “My wife’s dog hates thunderstorms.”

11. “Don’t get a kitten and a husky they said...”

12. “After 6 months of being depression-free, I adopted my new best friend! Everyone, meet Gilly!”

13. “I can’t leave the house much due to health issues, so anytime my neighbor’s dog sees me, he runs back inside his house to bring me back out one of his favorite toys.”

14. “My 1-year-old kid and 150-lb mastiff are best friends.”

15. “My 3-legged golden retriever and her 7 little puppies”

16. “My big dude just turned 1 and is massive!”

17. “I leave my daughter in the car seat while I shower so I can keep an eye on her. My corgi still loves her but we don’t allow him in the bathroom.”

18. “I guess you could say it was love at first sight.”

19. “My friend works at a dog grooming spa and turned around and saw this happening...”

20. “Just my dog spooning my baby...”

Are you a dog person? In what ways has your dog changed your life?


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This reminded me to go and play with my dog some more, I have been busy lately and wasn't able to show him all of my attention


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