20 Photos Showing Life With Kids Is Always Full of Surprises

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4 years ago

It’s no secret that kids are a great combo of never-ending energy, naughtiness, and mischief. Sometimes their parents just want to record everything they do on video and show it to their kids when they’re older. The heroes of our collection, for instance, like to sit in the same cage with their cat, put a T-shirt on their legs instead of their arms, and decorate themselves with their mom’s lipstick.

At Bright Side, we believe that we need to treat this mischief with a sense of humor and understanding. So, let’s have fun together by looking at the antics of some really curious and naughty children.

1. “My younger sister called for my help, but wouldn’t tell me why. When I went upstairs, I was greeted with... this.”

2. Just playing in the “wet sand”

3. An epic disappointment

4. Milk got everywhere but the cup.

5. A toddler discovers lipstick...

6. Everyone’s laughing, except for the little one.

7. Thank God it was decaf.

8. “Our daughter was left alone with my wife’s makeup.”

9. “This sign means ‘No Being Angry’ according to my daughter.”

10. “I told them to ‘neatly’ put away their snow clothes.”

11. “My daughter drew this for me last Father’s Day! It now sits on my fridge for everyone to see!”

12. “My child and I playing hide and seek”

13. “My nephew’s ‘hiding’ spot every single time...”

14. “There is something wrong with my 7-year-old. This is how she eats her sandwiches.”

15. “This is one seriously patient cat.”

16. “My daughter decided her dolly would look nice painted black.”

17. “I don’t even know how my little brother got in there.”

18. Eating sand for breakfast wasn’t the best idea.

19. “My dad is a mechanical engineer. He works on cars a lot. I found my daughter sliding herself under the table with her ‘tools’ to fix it.”

20. Mmm, delicious!

We’re sure you’ve got pictures of your children doing something mischievous. Share them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit algaeboy / reddit


Honestly, I would do just the same as in #10, in my childhood ?
I mean, instructions were done, what else?
I can imagine this builder's reaction after he saw this kid walking on a wet concrete, OMG ?

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