20+ Photos Showing Wedding Dresses From the Past

2 years ago

A wedding day is usually one of the most special days for a couple. That’s why brides spend weeks or even months to find the perfect dress to dazzle everyone. This tradition was also important in ancient times, and photos (shared by people from all over the world) show that these dresses have nothing to envy in even the most modern designs.

At Bright Side, we show you pictures of vintage wedding dresses which, with their own charm and distinction, managed to impress us.

1. “My Mom on her wedding day, November 1951”

2. “My Puerto Rican grandparents at their wedding in NY around the 1940s”

3. “My great-great-grandparents, Kansas, 1885”

4. “My grandparents in California, 1952”

5. “My parents on their wedding day (Amsterdam, 1967)”

6. “My parents on their wedding day in 1982”

7. “My grandmother in her wedding dress sometime in the ’60s.”

8. “My grandma in 1971, in the wedding dress she made”

9. “My grandparents wedding in the ’60s”

10. “My grandma wore her grandma’s dress for her wedding in 1958. The dress itself was from 50 years prior.”

11. “My grandma in her wedding dress, 1969”

12. “My great-grandmother on her wedding day in 1903. This is the first time I’ve seen a 1900s non-floor length wedding dress.”

13. “My great-grandmother’s wedding, around 1915”

14. “My grandmother’s handmade wedding dress!”

15. “My mom in her wedding dress, 1989”

16. “My grandma hand-sewed this wedding dress herself.”

17. “My great-grandparents on their wedding day, 1937”

18. “My parents wedding day in 1975”

19. “My great-grandmother made my grandma’s dress by hand!”

20. “My grandmother in her wedding dress, which she sewed all by herself in 1977!”

21. “Grandma at her wedding in 1935”

22. “My maternal grandparents on their wedding day, 1961”

23. “My grandmother on her wedding day, 1962”

24. “My great-great-grandparents. Photo was taken in Manhattan, NY in 1911.”

25. “My great-grandparents’ wedding in 1907”

26. “Wedding in Cuba, circa 1947”

27. “My grandma on her wedding day in 1945 wearing the dress she made.”

Do you like the vintage wedding dress designs or the more modern ones better?

Preview photo credit vdub319 / Reddit


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