20 Photos That Made Us Fall in Love With German Shepherds

5 years ago

German shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the USA. They are smart, courageous, easily trained, noble, and simply sweet. However, sometimes they like to show their character too and become a little mischievous.

Bright Side collected 20 photos for you that will show a small part of these dogs’ lives and you’ll probably want to get one for yourself after reading it.

1. “Every time I leave the house this is the last thing I see.”

2. The secret to digging good holes is to always act innocent.

3. “I’ll be there for you to make your sleep more comfortable.”

4. “My German Shepherd loves to carry bricks around. He gets upset when I won’t let him bring them inside.”

5. Cuteness overload

6. Love me tender, love me sweet!

7. “My 3-year-old German Shepherd can’t get her right ear to stand, just like the puppy I just adopted.”

8. “Met this terrified German Shepherd pup at a shot clinic.”

9. What a great way to cool down!

10. You can never have enough toys, right?

11. Dog tired

12. “I am all ears.”

13. Cutie pie

14. “How do you get my look?”

15. “Will you forgive me? Pleeeease.”

16. A basket of cuteness

17. An autumn accessory

18. Sweet dreams!

19. Say cheese!

20. “My dad recently rescued a German Shepherd and asked me to take a nice portrait of her to send to the shelter. Nailed it.”

Are you also a proud owner of a German shepherd? Please share your dog’s photos with us in the comments!


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