20 Photos That Prove a Little Bit of Patience Helps Create a Masterpiece

3 years ago

Embroidery is a valuable and acknowledged form of art, just like painting or architecture. For example, canvases created by Alighiero Boetti are sold at auctions for millions of dollars. For many of us, our own work or the work of our loved ones, friends, children, or parents, are particularly important. People from our compilation published the photos of their little masterpieces that they are proud of, admire, and are simply happy to have.

Bright Side is fascinated by people who can create magical things with their own hands.

“I bought some cheap shoes and decided to decorate them. I’m totally in love with the result.”

“I finally finished this. I spent over 100 hours on it.”

“A little fox taking a nap amongst the flowers”

“I embroidered my father’s tie as a gift for his 60th birthday. This is the view from our window.”

“I embroidered flat shoes and wore them on my wedding day. I’m so delighted with them!”

“My 5-year-old daughter came up with the design, picked the colors, and stitched this embroidery. I only helped with knots and needle threading.”

“This is the first time I created a multi-layered embroidery.”

The interpretation of Van Gogh’s Wheat Field with Cypresses

“My best friend is new to embroidery, and she gifted this to me. I’m so happy!”

“I’m doing the cat’s portrait for the first time, and it’s difficult. But I’m so glad I can do it!”

Fans of the classic anime movies created by the animator, Hayao Miyazaki, will probably recognize and appreciate the idea.

“I am so proud of myself for completing this, and I can’t wait to find a good way to display it.”

Lavender field: According to the author, this is a 3D embroidery.

I made this piece based on my wedding bouquet. It took more than 40+ hours to complete it."

Summer in Kyoto, Japan

“A long time ago, I bought some fabric at a fair, but I didn’t know what should I use it for. So I embroidered this as a gift for my mom.”

“This is a picture of my friend on the day when she came to visit me. I embroidered this landscape as a gift for her.”

“My neighbor’s dog passed away after living with her for 12 years. I made this embroidery based on a picture of them together.”

“I embroidered a rainbow heart collar on one of my old T-shirts.”

“I just finished stitching this piece for my dad’s birthday. In this photo, he was explaining to me some things about life.”

Do you have handicrafts at home that are especially valuable to you? If you also like needlework, share some photos of your masterpieces in the comments.

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Embroidery is such an art. I wish I had the skills to make something like these


The rainbow heart collar looks pretty cute. She should think of selling these


That's crazy! I would never have the patience or even the skill to makes something like this!


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