20 Photos That Prove Animals Turn Our Lives Upside Down, and That’s Why We Love Them So Much

4 years ago

Our pets never fail to show us that they have a mind of their own and maybe that’s why they are so comforting, because we know they can actually love us back. The simple truth is that we know we couldn’t live without them. Even if sometimes we come back home and see that our dog has gotten into the trash or when we spend hours looking for our cat only to find out that its literally hiding in the toilet.

At Bright Side we believe that life would be a little less bright without our loving animals, so we put together 20 pictures that will prove how wonderfully weird they can be.

1. “Is my cat normal?”

2. “The face I get for watching TV instead of taking him on a walk”

3. “Poof! Your girlfriend’s now mine.”

4. “Glad you found them comfy.”

5. “Heard a sound, looked up, and saw this little one.”

6. “He’s on a diet. It’s not going great.”

7. “When Ravioli saw his pups for the first time!”

8. “My boyfriend was wondering why his room was so cold...”

9. “That’s it... I’m done. I am done buying things for my cat.”

10. “Puppy head tilts are my biggest weakness.”

11. “You’re not allowed to work out today.”

12. “Boss looking like he’s having a little toooooo much fun in the hammock”

13. “Assert dominance over humanity.”

14. “He got stuck!”

15. “First topless Jeep ride of the year for our dog. She was in heaven.”

16. “My kitty doing a sleep on the door”

17. “Made the bed, kept cleaning the apartment, realized I hadn’t seen the cat for a little bit, and found him like this.”

18. “My dog drowning me to get my raft”

19. “Hide and seek”

20. “Oh the irony”

Does your pet also sometimes turn your life upside down? Which animals caused the most funny, but sweet moments according to you?

Preview photo credit Infern0_ssbm / reddit


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I bet the dog in number 14 tried to jump and didn't make it at all… poor thing!


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