20 Photos That Prove It’s Not Blood That Makes You Family but Unconditional Love

2 years ago

A brother from another mother or a sister from a different mister. Families can be all sizes and shapes, and even from different species. Whether it’s a cat protecting his brother bunny or a toddler checking up on his recently ill dog, what they all have in common is genuine love for each other.

Bright Side comes to you with acts of love from families of all sorts.

1. “Every. Single. Night.”

2. “My friend’s golden retriever has taken quite a shine to his feathered siblings.”

3. “My cat and dog sharing the sun spot in my room.”

4. “Boomer spent 2 whole days away from his big brother. I guess you can tell he missed him.”

5. “Wiggles and I more than 13 years later!”

6. “He was very worried about her after surgery.”

7. “Forever thankful to the 2 families who thought this Doberman was too much to handle.”

8. “They’re both moms and had litters at the same time. They’ve been taking turns feeding the babies.”

9. “Mudge really likes to cuddle.”

10. “My sister recently adopted a new cat and it seems like he and her dog really hit it off.”

11. “He loves his new baby sister. Such a good boy.”

12. “Dad, do you want a sock and a hug?”

13. “The love of a rescue dog”

14. They fight and love like brothers do.

15. “My dog decided to adopt an abandoned baby raccoon.”

16. “Every night she meows at us until we hold her like this.”

17. “My dog was lonely since I’ve been working so much lately. So I got him a cat. 10/10 would do it again.”

18. “My girlfriend is in bed sick and our cat wanted to make sure she was ok.”

19. “My cousin just adopted this bunny and it’s afraid of him. So, the bunny sprung to the cat for protection.”

20. “We adopted a stray kitten a few days ago and my girl Kona has loved playing momma.”

Who do you know that you consider family, even though you’re not blood-related? Tell us why they’re so special to you in our comment section. We love a good tear-jerker!

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