20+ Photos That Prove Our Grannies Were a New Level of Awesome

11 months ago

Some may think our grandparents had a pretty boring life, probably because they didn’t have the Internet, social media, smartphones, or other cool stuff we enjoy today. But in all honesty, they were actually super cool people who did unbelievable things.

1. “My grandma after learning to fly in 1949 or 1950 — she was around 19 years old in this photo.”

2. “My biker grandma sometime during the ’60s”

3. “My grandma was the Underwood Typewriter girl (1945). She got her hands on one recently and took it for a spin.”

4. “My grandmother with then-Mercury 7 astronauts John Glenn, Gus Grissom, and Alan Shepherd (September 14th, 1959)”

5. “Here’s my grandma being a meme innovator in Oklahoma in the 1940’s!”

6. “My grandmother was the first woman to change the female meter maid uniform in the 1960’s.”

7. “My grandmother was in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) in 1942.”

8. “My totally ripped great-grandmother in the circus 1950’s.”

9. “My wonderful grandma, Lola, in the Marines, 1954”

10. “My grandmother and Elvis in the 1950s”

11. “My Mexican grandma in the 1950s — she was part of the Aeromexico flying crew.”

12. “My grandma in her senior year of high school, 1971”

13. “My grandma (17) interviewing Frank Sinatra for her high school newspaper, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1952”

14. “My Japanese grandma back when she was a flight attendant, 1960”

15. “My grandmother in her hippie days (in the ’70s)”

16. “My grandma with John Travolta in the ’70s”

17. “My grandma and the tuna she caught, 1956”

18. “My grandma driving a tractor in a parade, 1949”

19. “My grandma (third from the left) and her girls’ high school basketball team, 1915”

20. “My grandmother working as one of America’s first international flight air hostesses, 1938”

21. “Today my grandma would’ve been 105. She made it to 101 and was independent until the end.”

“Here she is in 1993 when she decided to go skydiving for her 80th birthday. She was an awesome lady and I hope to be just like her.”

Preview photo credit di11deux / Reddit


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3 years ago
Oops. The comment was captured by a UFO.

These are great! Love looking at these, i'm sure that those grannies are still just as awesome!


This makes me want to ask my grandma if she has some cool stories or pictures


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