20+ Photos You Probably Won’t Find Even in the Hugest Encyclopedias

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Internet users often share photos that can satisfy the curiosity of anyone that has asked themselves the question, “What would happen if...?” For example, what will happen if you leave an onion in the trunk of your car for a few months? Or what would happen if you wear the same T-shirt every time you mow the lawn?

We at Bright Side have been able to find the answers to these and some other interesting questions.

1. A chunk of dirt that was struck by lightning and turned to glass

2. When a tree stays in a plastic pot for too long:

Sadly, it died a few years after planting.

3. Left a candle outside. It collected rainwater which sank to the bottom after the wax was melted by the sun.

4. “How the smoke from our fire pit colored these spiderwebs black”

The soot ended up on the webs.

5. Paw prints from 2 cats who always use the same path to cross the lawn

These cats always use the same itinerary.

6. This book, published in 1787, is being devoured by Curculionidae larvae, commonly known as bookworms.

7. I rehydrated a raisin by leaving it in hot water overnight!

8. “The toner cartridge said DO NOT TILT. I did tilt. You can see where I was standing on the right.”

9. This is what happens when you wear the same shirt every day

“My grandpa mows the yard every week with the same grey shirt that has Yamaha written on the back in black letters. My grandma just noticed this last week.”

10. This is why you wear a helmet. It will take all the heat.

11. “The way my pen bent after being left in a hot car”

12. “Left an unopened can of soda in my car, it was so hot that it exploded. Everything is sticky now.”

13. “My sparkling water bottle was pretty close to exploding after being left in a hot car for the day.”

14. This onion that was accidentally left in a car trunk for 4 months

15. The way this tree grew to swallow a sign

16. This rug is so well worn it’s almost invisible.

That place is in Tallinn, Estonia. And this rug (according to the legend) has been in one of the streets since 1937.

17. A cat has been using this scratcher for many years.

18. This is what happens to a leaf when it is eaten by Tenthredinidae.

19. “This is what happens if you play with a yo-yo too much (I’m not kidding this is the hand of a professional yo-yo player).”

The X-ray shows that the blood circulation in the pointer finger has been disrupted. By the way, this is Dave Schulte’s hand, who is a professional yo-yo player.

20. This is what happens when you forget about your pizza for 8 hours. Burnt it so bad, it looks like a double-chocolate brownie.

21. “I left the deep freezer door slightly cracked by accident and didn’t use it for a few months. I was rewarded with this a few days before moving out.”

22. The way these blood drops formed in the sand, looks like the red blood cells that make them up.

Have you ever seen anything as amazing as the things from this article? Tell us in the comment section below!

Please note: This article was updated in February 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit SadTension5 / reddit


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