20+ Pics Showing That There’s Never a Dull Moment in Australia

4 years ago

Australia has every climate known on Earth, from rainforests to alpine areas. Depending on your language, it’s either the largest country in Oceania or a continent in its own right. It’s a country with feral horses, wild camels, and animals seen nowhere else in the world. Needless to say, a lot can happen in Oz.

We at Bright Side love the Land Down Under and we’re sharing moments that can only happen in Australia.

1. “Only in Australia: A visitor at campground.”

2. “It got so hot in my car today that my shoes melted.”

3. “I wondered why birds weren’t using our bird bath...”

4. “Most Aussie sign I’ve seen for a fast food chain (besides Maccas)”

5. Sometimes, even the weather gets a little confused.

6. “This is a mantis shrimp, AKA a whole lotta nopes.”

7. “Just a cockatoo and his pie”

8. Just a quick drive through Cactus Beach...

9. The quokka is the little buddy you never knew you needed.

10. Don’t worry... the emus will smile for you!

11. Australia embraces its dark side.

12. This isn’t a snake... it’s a parade of fuzzy caterpillars!

13. Pythons... they’re the only way to travel... for toads, at least.

14. “Honey, there is a kid on our bug...”

15. Australia’s spiders are up to something...

16. Even Aussie worms are impressive.

17. As far as they know, he’s just one of the camels.

18. This jolly jumbuck is going places!

19. Okay, these rocks must be in cahoots with those spiders...

20. “Perth, Western Australia turned one of their main city streets into a massive waterslide.”

21. “My 15-year-old nephew has a group of friends that wait on his deck every morning for breakfast.”

22. “My favorite picture from my trip to Australia”

Do you know of any other awesome and uniquely Australian photos? Please share with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit whitecollarzomb13 / Reddit


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im from nebraska and the weather is also confuseing cuz it could be in the 70s one day and the next it could be snowing


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