20 Pics That Prove Dads Are the Real Supermen

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2 years ago

Jokes about men being unable to change a diaper are out, and jokes about fully capable dads are in. Research shows that today’s fathers are more involved than ever before. Modern dads spend 3 times as much quality time with their kids as men just a generation before did. They sure deserve that Father’s Day card.

Bright Side supports dads, whether they be new dads, single dads, or step-dads — so we collected 20 photos of fathers being sweet, competent, and overall cool. And be sure to check the end of the article for the special Disney-esque image!

1. “My son asked me to wear an Elsa dress with him to a Frozen musical.”

2. “He pulled his stool up, grabbed the brush, and started lathering up. He filled my heart with joy.”

3. “Wife tried to shame me on Facebook, but all I feel is proud of my invention.”

4. The fun here is palpable!

5. “I made costumes for our little ones. It felt so great.”

6. “My dad used to take me to feed the buffalo when I was little. We called this guy Big Daddy.”

7. “This is the way. This is how we celebrated my daughter’s first Halloween.”

8. “18 years after high school and I’m still showing my daughter that anything is possible!”

9. “My dad made me my very own tiny coffee shop for Christmas! I love it!”

10. “My son and I used the same Halloween costumes as last year but made it slightly different.”

11. “Had to show my 4-year-old how to properly exit a swing.”

12. “Let’s build ’puters, Dad.”

13. “2020’s daddy-daughter dance was ’80s-themed. Yes, I’m the only dad that dressed up.”

14. “This is my dad, his friend, and me. I learned guitar on those same instruments, and my dad still plays them regularly.”

15. “My dad hiking with me in the Austrian mountains”

16. “We hit some great houses. Got full-sized snickers at one house. Respect!”

17. “Dad made a magic sandbox for my 3-year-old son’s birthday.”

18. “He did most of the work, then bragged at school that he fixed Daddy’s Hellcat. Lead by example, gents!”

19. “My dad and me, showing the world what cool looks like”

20. “My year-and-a-half-old grandson and me out for the day”

Bonus: Uncles can serve as Superman as well!

What are your favorite “dad stories” from your life?

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I don't know why, but the last one was my favorite. Oh, and the dad dressing up as Anna too.


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