20 Pics That Prove Our Life Is Actually a Comedy Movie

year ago

Sometimes, we can come across a situation that is so unimaginable, we begin to seriously wonder if we’re living in an episode of a comedy TV show. These situations prove to us that reality can be just as interesting and surprising as fiction.

1. “I think my husband was tired this morning because that is dog food and not coffee beans.”

2. “A great way to get some work done”

3. “How my 6-year-old daughter locked her diary...”

4. “Peas and carrots”

5. “I found this aberration at Walmart. Seriously? A mollusk skeleton...?”

6. “At a burger place in Frederick, MD”

7. “No baby on board”

8. “Was unpacking a lot of my cupboards and found this.”

9. “My dad turned our house into a cyclops.”

10. “A sign found on my local Starbucks’ display case.”

11. “This is what we get up to in specialty medicine during vet tech appreciation week. I DON’T want my nails trimmed.”

12. “How my cat sleeps under the coffee table”

13. “My girl is starting a fight with the geese.”

14. “Wife cut her own hair today, almost gave me a heart attack upon opening the trash can...”

15. “This one hurt a little.”

16. “This bath toy should not be used in water.”

17. “On the maintenance planner’s whiteboard at work”

18. “Find what doesn’t belong in my garage.”

19. “Some kid’s note got confiscated and the teacher started giggling.”

20. “He’s crying because he thinks he’s locked out...”

Have you ever stumbled upon something so surprising that you started looking for hidden cameras? What was it? We’d love to know in the comments.

Preview photo credit leighaeroe / Reddit


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