20 Pics That Prove Real Friendship Knows No Obstacles

3 years ago

They say we need to find the yin to our yang to feel complete, and this is also true for friendships. It doesn’t matter if your best friend is an enormous but loving pig, if it’s a chicken that never leaves your side, or even if a donkey makes up part of your gang. Sometimes it’s just meant to be.

Bright Side found the perfect group of people and animals that went through adversities and now have the best pals by their side.

1. “My 5-year-old son and his ducks”

2. We never knew a human and his sidekick chicken could give us such a judgmental eye.

3. “6 weeks ago they wouldn’t go near each other.”

4. It’s selfie time with his buddy the cow.

5. We can feel the love from here.

6. “My son’s first trip home from college. Do you think someone missed him?”

7. “This is my friend Marahute. He was rescued after being shot in the wing.”

8. “Our dog, Gus, doesn’t let fences get in the way of friendships.”

9. “Reunited with my best friend after 2 months of her being stolen! We are both very happy.”

10. “My wife’s senior dog can’t play due to arthritis, but our puppy loves him anyway.”

11. “I’m a quadriplegic, got a kitty to keep me company when I paint. She’s perfect.”

12. “My 3-year-old son and I raised monarchs last fall. The butterflies seemed to just love him!”

13. “My Samoyed always stops by to visit his Husky friend. He usually just howls until his pal comes to the window.”

14. The fence didn’t stop them from giving each other a kiss.

15. “All they’re missing is Shrek.”

16. Unconditional love, in sickness and in health

17. “My blind kitten playing leapfrog with his bunny rabbit best friend”

18. “My dog likes to visit the neighbor’s dog through the hole in the wall between our yards.”

19. “My daughter and our new fur baby, Rosie, from a skunk rescue center.”

20. “My pig’s selfie game is strong.”

Which friendship above did you find the most interesting? Tag your best friends in the comments below and tell them what you like the most about your friendship!

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the ducks and the boy melted my heart man....
the boy and the chicken remind me of felix faust and his cat
the eagle and the girl are impressive...
why would anyone want to steal a dog is beyond me...
the monarchs are so eye-catching!
the hedgehog and its owner are just splendid...

i am so jealous i can't own a hedgehog....


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