20 Pics That Will Satisfy Your Curiosity Like a Nice Back Scratch

3 years ago

It’s important to look at the world through a child’s eyes from time to time. Do square peas exist? Can a tomato have a tan line? Do lizards like to sleep under a blanket? It turns out that there a still a lot of unanswered questions, and a lot of mysteries to unfold.

Bright Side revealed 20 little discoveries about the most mundane things and is in a hurry to share them with you.

1. “This is why you should not wrap your food in newspapers.”

2. When an ice storm hit your blooming flowers. They were a little surprised by the cold snap.

3. When the smudge on your glasses smears just like a mountain.

4. “This is how colorful freshly harvested beans are.”

5. “My parents have over a dozen chickens. If you’ve ever wondered how my mom gathers eggs in the morning...”

6. “First time I witnessed cocoon-to-butterfly progression. Photos were taken 8 days apart.”

7. Faceted glass refracts the straw into a perfect zigzag!

8. Here’s what happens when the printer runs out of yellow and magenta ink when making labels for soup cans.

9. “Ever thought about how ice sits on a windcatcher?”

10. “This is what a 100% chocolate KitKat looks like.”

11. “Steaming purple cabbage produces blue water.”

12. New game: find the wasp in your house

13. “Someone cut these posters revealing how many layers there are.”

14. “These handles don’t connect to the floor, so the floor can be cleaned easily.”

15. “Today I learned that peas become square after being dried.”

16. This is what an iced rose looks like.

17. “Supervillain using their lightning lasso to take down an airplane.”

18. “Heirloom cherry tomatoes have star imprints where their stems were.” It’s the tomato equivalent of a tan line.

19. “Imagine if a flower’s petals curled horizontally.”

20. “This is how my blue-tongued skink likes to take a nap (yes, it’s a reptile).”

What new bit of knowledge have you learned about familiar things?

Preview photo credit as0nsg / reddit


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