20 Pics That’ll Easily Make Your Skin Crawl

3 years ago

People who eat pizza starting with a hole in the middle, easy-opening packages that are anything but easy, or clothes getting stuck on handles and knobs around the house. These situations are so dreadful that even by just imagining them, we start feeling goosebumps.

You don’t have to imagine anymore, because Bright Side found the most blood-boiling pics around the internet, plus a surprise special bonus at the end that will make you feel better again.

1. “This is how my grandmother eats pizza.”

2. “Offered ice-cream to my son and this is what he gave me back.”

3. “Easy tear, but not the way you expected”

4. “I knocked my container of flour onto the floor, and this is how it landed.”

5. “My kids are trying to give me a stroke.”

6. “Erasers like these”

7. “I feel physically uncomfortable looking at this.”

8. “People that use PC cables to rest their feet on”

9. “My roommate has hit new peaks of laziness.”

10. “The way my girlfriend ’puts away the groceries’ still in the bag”

11. “A perfectly good slice of cake, ruined!”

12. “This avocado has 2020 energy.”

13. “What is this? A sink for ants?”

14. “This type of sticky label”

15. “Reached the end game of unfamiliar shower controls while housesitting for my uncle.”

16. “Just cause I sold it to you doesn’t mean you can drink it.”

17. “These elevator buttons are awful.”

18. “This is the one thing I am most worried about before getting on a plane.”

19. “I wish this wasn’t so relatable to me.”

20. “I just want a bigger pocket, please.”

Bonus: A puppy pic makes everything better.

What’s the cringiest situation that often happens to you?

Preview photo credit novoivittu / reddit


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#19 happens with me almost 100 times a day!!! And it is very much irritating😖😖


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