20 Pics That’ll Easily Play Tricks on Your Eyes

3 years ago

Unexpected illusions could seem like pure sorcery. Some bring up so many questions that you will want to know the answers to immediately. Even a simple image of a dog might blow your mind.

People shared some weird and hard to explain images that we at Bright Side couldn’t resist not sharing with you.

1. “This rock looks like a sock.”

2. “I stood in the reflection of the backyard glass window opposite my flip flops and it looks like my ghost is wearing them!”

3. It looks like there are 2 pics here, but it’s actually a Viking well and stone under a local shop.

4. “Took me a sec to figure out what I was looking at.”

5. I can’t decide who is holding who.

6. A floating roof...

7. “Camouflage leggings doing their job”

8. “An iPhone screw next to a peanut that looks like a potato for some reason.”

9. “Mantis stealing a Domino’s sign”

10. “This picture my mom took of me and my brother looks like a stitched-together before and after.”

11. “My dog likes to sit here, but he isn’t right now.”

12. Tiny horses walking on a fence

13. “Check out this giant.”

14. “I’m not sure if it’s broken or if it sank into the carpet.”

15. “For a moment I thought it was a reflection.”

16. “My dog wasn’t properly assembled...”

17. “This building by my school looks transparent.”

18. A low-resolution tree

19. This floating car...

20. “This imported salmon, so tightly wrapped in plastic it appears to not be wrapped at all.”

Which one gave you chills? Is there one that you still can’t figure out? Which ones were your favorite?

Preview photo credit Joshifi3d / reddit


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