20+ Precious Photos That Show the Miracle of Unconditional Love

4 years ago

From stories of people who try to protect their kids to devoted couples that grow old holding each other’s hand, love is undoubtedly the most powerful of all emotions and needs to be celebrated in every aspect.

There are hundreds of moments when humans prove that the impossible can become possible if you want it to. Luckily a lot of them are captured in pictures that help us restore our faith in humanity.

At Bright Side we see the bright side of life and there is nothing more luminous than true love. Here is a compilation of caring and loving actions for you to admire and that will surely make you believe that love is what makes the world go round.

1. A man finds his beloved dog alive inside his destroyed home after a tornado.

2. A young girl in the desert offers water to her little sister.

3. The love of a parent is eternal.

4. The love of a mother will always find a way.

5. This man is teaching his wife the alphabet after she lost her memory and needed to re-learn how to read.

6. Those dads who carry their children through flood waters.

7. And this woman who lost her husband but still carries his photograph to all the places they used to go.

8. The man who hit the streets begging for a kidney after learning that his wife needed a transplant. And finally succeeded!

9. A message of pure love

10. This 19-year-old dog with arthritis falls asleep in his dad’s arms every day when he’s carried into the lake for the warm water to relieve his pain.

11. Nothing can stop a mother from protecting her child.

12. This man might have nothing but he provided water, food, and a toy to his dog.

13. Grandma had surgery on her wrist and couldn’t do her own hair so grandpa did it for her.

14. When you care more for your loyal friend than for yourself.

15. A true partner always finds a way to support his other half.

16. My Grandpa sent me this picture of him with grandma so I would know what a man looks like when he is in love. They were married for 60+ years.

17. They might have split up, but the dog-love remains.

18. And this step-dad who stepped away from his wife-to-be during their wedding ceremony to say some vows to her girls.

19. A man carries his elderly father during the flood in Pakistan.

20. This lovely couple that, after 88 years of marriage, finally got the chance to take wedding pictures.

21. A firefighter offers water to a koala that he rescued during the wildfires in Australia.

22. What a great guy, risking his life to save those kitties from the flood.

If you went “awww” while looking at all these acts of love and devotion, don’t worry you are not alone — we did too. Which story made you smile the most and which one are you curious to learn more about? Do you have your own expressions of unconditional love in photos? Share them in the comment section below.


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Parents' love is the strongest love ever, and it was proven by these photos


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