20 Puzzling Photos That Set Our Brains on Fire

11 months ago

Our brains need exercise just like our bodies do. Solving riddles and puzzles can give them a good workout. In today’s article, we’ll talk about people who experienced strange and mysterious things that challenged their minds.

1. My finger has a pattern from the bandaid only where new skin is growing.

2. “What big eyes you have.”

3. The picture on my coffee creamer for my flight from Iceland is of a worker at a slaughterhouse.

4. “So I bought this lovely heart shaped rear light for my bike.”

5. My sleeping cat looks like it has 2 tails

6. “Napping comfortably”

7. “My friend’s mom only wanted to tan her legs.”

8. Candle stopped candling

9. Found this car covered in artificial grass on the way home from a car show

10. “Headless Subwayman”

11. Tampa Police cruiser is in real trouble

12. My family recently had a wake up call.

13. Enormous cat

14. Copy-paste gone wrong

15. Snoopy’s real face

16. “Asked my two year old niece to smile for a photo”

17. A choice of grapes on one branch

18. Regret doing that photo shoot yet?

19. This pond statue is raising a lot of questions.

20. Well done

While AI consistently conquers modern art, music, and photography, it is still far from perfect. Humans remain the best when it comes to taking fantastic shots. If you want to see more of those, make sure to check our previous article!


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