20+ Situations That Perfectly Show What Having a Cat Is Like

3 years ago

At first sight, it might seem that being a house cat is easy because all they need to do is sleep, eat, and agree to be stroked. However, these fluffies have way more to deal with than we think, like searching for a proper box, for example, which is no easy task. And making sure to spare enough time to analyze their life and ponder on their psychological condition is on the to-do list too.

We at Bright Side believe cat owners who claim that the daily schedule of their pets is more than just sleeping and eating. That’s why we’re eager to show you a series of photos that prove this to be true. And at the end of the article, there’s a bonus feature that reveals several stories about the unbelievable boldness of cats.

1. “Just woke up. Haven’t yet decided whether it’s a good morning or not.”

2. “I was looking gorgeous, as always.”

3. "I've been watching my humans cooking something tasty for 40 minutes. However, it was still cat food that I found in my bowl."

4. "I learned we're going to the vet today and I couldn't hold back my emotions."

5. "Found a perfect box but still didn't lose my awareness."

6. "I was taking a sunbath. Stored vitamin D for 3 of my 9 lives."

7. “My human fell into the water again. They were crying out loudly for help.”

8. "Jumped into the bathtub, hooked onto a towel, and fell asleep."

9. "Tried to make those cat eyes from Shrek. I did it!"

10. "My humans bought a bag. I tried it on right away."

11. "Tried to frighten my human. He should always stay aware."

12. "They called me chubby. I proved they were wrong by fitting myself into a tiny box."

13. "They took away my box so I found something similar to it. Feeling cheated."

14. "Took a bite. Regretted it."

15. "Decided to stay alone. I spent some good time analyzing my life."

16. "Spotted my human's center of attention and leaned into it."

17. "Tried to hypnotize the dog. Did it. Got bored!"

18. "Met a cool kitty. We agreed to see each other tomorrow."

19. "I was feeling sad and decided to turn into a liquid."

20. "My humans were taking photos. I brought some fun to the extremely boring shots."

21. "Was looking for food. Instead, they found me."

22. "She invited me to take a picture. I said I didn't want to."

23. "I was running around the house and got myself into an awkward situation..."

Bonus #1: "My husband made a present for my birthday. I was a bit surprised and our cat was totally shocked."

Bonus #2: "He realized that me being under there was the perfect time to help himself to my coffee."

Bonus #3: "It's as if my cat is asking, 'What’s this? Something you’re working on?'"

Bonus #4: "The whisker demon has returned to assert dominance while I clean up her hairball."

Are you one of the lucky ones who share their home with a cat? Have you managed to match your daily schedule to theirs?


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