20 Smart-Ass People Who Deserve an A+ for Their Creativity

4 years ago

Despite what anyone might say, some people always do whatever they want. They find creative ways to cope with any problem, turning ordinary situations into hilarious ones!

We at Bright Side like smart-ass people and have selected 20 examples of their everyday creativity that shouldn’t go unnoticed!

1. 2 heads are better than one, and 3 hands are better than 2.

2. Guys, we're afraid you've got the wrong man.

3. Checkmate, Lego bricks!

4. What I mean when I say "school-appropriate hairstyle"

5. When your school dress-code is against fashion:

6. The first day of school, this kid wore a suit and had a briefcase. The only thing inside was a gameboy with Pokemon. You sir, are a bad ass.

7. When no one can know that you ate all the chocolate:

8. The most productive way to spend your first class of the day.

9. When you love home cooking:

10. Seems like a great idea until you get left foot on red.

11. The ultimate guide to sleeping in class.

12. Smart thinking for smart living

13. Game changer in nail design

14. Maybe now teachers will choose their words more carefully.

15. How to make the most of all available resources:

16. One student, more or less.

17. Yes, it's a nicotine patch.

18. Thanks to technology parenting has become much easier.

19. When you don't want to go to the playground.

20. Pretending to be taking pictures at a wedding to watch the game is next level genius!

Have you ever done something similar? Share your stories in the comments!


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