20+ Smart Life Hacks That Can Make Any Woman Sigh With Relief

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4 years ago

Today’s life is fast paced. With a zillion things to take care of and uncountable errands to run, we are always running short of time. So any hack that makes things easier and saves time is welcome as both a life and sanity saver.

Bright Side brings you 20 handy tips and hacks that will ease your life and make it smoother, faster, simpler.

1. Iron your wrinkled clothes with hair straighteners.

2. Dry eyeliner pencil? Heat it up slightly, let it cool and apply — it will glide smoothly.

3. Organize your hair ties on a carabiner to keep them from getting lost.

4. Put your denim in a Ziploc bag and toss it into the freezer overnight to get rid of any odors.

5. Organize small jewelry, like rings, earrings, and bracelets, in an ice-cube tray.

6. Rub a piece of stale bread on your suede shoes to clean them.

7. For silky smooth legs, shave, apply coconut oil, and shave again to remove the dead skin.

8. Clumpy mascara? Dipping it in warm water before using it will allow for a smoother application without lumps.

9. No shaving cream? Hair conditioner works just as well.

10. Rubbing a pumice stone lightly on your sweater will de-pill it in no time (and you can even use a razor).

11. Remove a red wine stain from your clothes by sprinkling some salt on it.

12. Wrap tape around your nail clippers to save your nails from flying everywhere.

13. Rubbing Vaseline on your pulse points before applying perfume makes it last longer.

14. Use a dryer sheet to get rid of deodorant marks from your clothes.

15. No make-up remover? Use coconut oil instead. It’ll remove your make-up and moisturize your skin too.

16. Make your canvas shoes waterproof by coating them with beeswax and then blow drying them.

17. An old glasses case doubles up to the keep makeup products, jewelry, etc. in your bag, all in one place.

18. Use baby powder to remove oil stains from clothes and handbags.

19. Lose stud earrings often? Use a button to keep them together.

20. Use pool noodles to keep your tall boots in shape.

21. To reduce hair growth, apply a paste made of turmeric with water or milk. Let it dry and scrub it off. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Repeat regularly to see great results. It not only reduces hair growth over time but also enhances the skin. It is especially effective for facial hair.

So ladies, our lives aren’t getting any easier, but we can definitely get stronger. Did you know about these hacks? Let us know any other hacks that have proven to be life-savers in the comments below.


Hm, #6 seems interesting. I want to try it.
I have spent so much money on different suede cleaning products, and nothhing helped!
Let's see what a piece of bread can do

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