20+ Strange Surprises Hotel Guests Didn’t Expect to Find

3 years ago

Vacations are a time to disconnect from the world, rest, and forget about any problems or responsibilities — even chores from home are stored away in a remote part of your memory. But our budgets don’t always allow us to meet our desires (or needs), and in the end, we often find ourselves in a hotel that doesn’t feel quite right. At first, everything may seem normal — and then you’re suddenly met with a surprise. From strange paintings hanging from a lobby wall to a room with a balcony that’s just a few inches wide, you never quite know what to expect.

If you relate to this notion just like Bright Side does, you’ll like what we’ve prepared for you today. And if anything, you’ll know you’re not alone in this. Reddit users posted pics of some of the hotels they stayed at while they were abroad along with the strange surprises that awaited them.

1. “Apparently our hotel took our request for a mini-fridge very literally. Banana for scale...”

2. “I chose this hotel specifically because it had a balcony.”

“For your safety, these doors have been locked.”

3. “I raise you my hotel pool in Jeju, circa 2017!”

4. This is what a small room looks like in a hotel in Russia, and in case there were any doubts, it’s for one guest only.

5. “My OCD wants to throw this hotel TV on the floor. Why wouldn’t you place it in the center!?”

6. “The toilet seat in my hotel room is as visually uncomfortable as it is physically uncomfortable.”

7. “(Left) Oh, look how cute! The natural light in this hotel shower flows in through this window! (Right) The view from the bed at 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. when my wife had to pee — it lights up the whole room!”

8. “Who puts a blindingly bright spotlight directly outside a hotel room window?”

9. “This was a bathroom in a 4-star Łysoń hotel in Poland. There was no legroom to sit properly and do your thing. The only way was to put your feet in the shower.”

10. “Found this at my local Holiday Inn.”

11. “Unreadable — found in a Swedish hotel room”

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea & drink the wild air”

12. “Hotel: There is a window in every room!”

“Me: Well, yes, but...”

13. “The view from the bed in our hotel room”

14. “The hotel painting was missing something, so I fixed it.”

15. “Blasphemy in the lobby of a Croatian 5-star hotel!”

16. “This picture welcomes guests in the elevator of my hotel.”

17. “My friend works for a contracting company that is renovating a hotel. They asked for room numbers with braille on the bottom for blind people to read. This is what their supplier sent them (everything is like this).”


18. “My hotel room is making me look like a fool.”

“Thermostat is on the wall”

19. “Geez, I didn’t realize I was staying at a classy hotel.”

20. “I found this in a hotel in Russia.”

21. “Yep, keep walking on eggshells during an emergency, that’s bound to be a happy ending...”

“FIRE EXIT ONLY. Please close this door quietly as guests may be sleeping.”

22. “This picture in the hotel lobby looks like someone left wet hair on the wall of the shower.”

23. “The Airbnb said I’d have a balcony, but seriously?”

Bonus: In some hotels, you can end up finding good surprises — if you like reptiles, that is. And on top of that, you’ll always have to keep your eyes open.

“The hotel I’m staying at has a monitor lizard that roams the grounds and swims in the pool.”

“Have you spotted our special guest recently? They too like to swim and sunbathe. The monitor lizards are harmless and should not be approached, frightened, or fed. Please respect them and simply enjoy observing them in their natural habitat.”

Have you ever had a bad experience on a vacation that deserved to be remembered with a picture? Cheer up and share it with the rest of the world so that we can all laugh together.

Preview photo credit eidahl / Reddit


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my dad once worked at a hotel as a receptionist and the rooms were kinda cool but I got sick after one day of staying in the hotel


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