20+ Things That Prove You Can Find Truly Unique but Slightly Weird Things at a Flea Market

3 years ago

Today, in second-hand shops, thrift stores, and at flea markets, rational (not poor) people do their shopping. They know that it’s only there that you can buy a valuable but inexpensive item. And you can even find completely unique items that could end up claiming the title of a family heirloom.

We at Bright Side appreciated the things that these users liked and, frankly, we’ve bought many of them ourselves, with pleasure.

“A mirror for $13 is my love.”

“I am obsessed with this plate, which I bought for less than a dollar.”

“An ‘ugly’ vintage sweater with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is now mine.”

“I love my sugar bowl, although I prefer to use it for serving truffles. I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

“My brother-in-law found this amazing specimen for about 50 cents.”

“Yesterday, at an estate sale, I managed to snatch an English set of dishes from the 1970s for $20.”

“I wish I could find a boyfriend who’d look at me just like this E.T. mug, which I managed to find.”

“My girlfriend insisted we go check out a thrift store and now, she regrets it. And I am a proud owner of a 2-foot-long Catdog.”

She wasn’t amused. At all.

“My friend spotted these beauties and she said that they were made for me. These early ’70s boots were made by the same designer who opened the legendary boutique Granny Takes a Trip.”

“This amazing guy now lives at my parents’ house.”

“I couldn’t resist and bought a velvet panel with dogs playing pool.”

“I found this work of art in fiberglass — this is a replica of the fireplace in the 16th-century Peretti Tower, an Italian watchtower. I don’t know what to do with it yet.”

“A ceramic vase with a frog. It’ll help make a family celebration unforgettable.”

“I was just walking around the city and came across a place where people were distributing unnecessary old things. I burst into tears of happiness when I saw this table — I love everything lemon.”

“I’ve always wanted this. There are even pots and pans. Yay!”

“Doesn’t it look like a reason to have a crazy tea party like in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?”

“Have you ever purchased something because you felt sorry for it? I saw these bears on sale, and it seemed to me that they’d been through hell together. So I took them home.”

“Found this teapot with a built-in teacup.”

“This opening cicada was bought for me by my fiancé. You can store jewelry inside.”

“I managed to find shoes for true ballerinas.”

A purple “cabbage” set. And the plate isn’t simple, it actually comes with a surprise.

Have you ever managed to find a cool used item?

Preview photo credit Olivia Kwong / facebook


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the 1970s china is AWESOME!! I'd love to have it and I'd pay more than 20bucks of course for it!


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