20+ Things We Had No Idea Could Be So Huge

2 years ago

A person can make approximate guesses as to what size tires can be, how long plant thorns are, or how big a lizard crawling up a gate can be. But the world keeps on surprising us and we learn quickly that the way we picture something isn’t necessarily true, especially when we see these objects in comparison to others. Then things we once considered small may turn out to be really huge.

Here at Bright Side, we never cease to be amazed by the size of things and creatures, and, of course, we can’t help but want to share them with you.

1. A whale fin next to the entire skeleton of a human

2. Juvenile hippo compared to a human baby

3. It’s hard to decide what’s more adorable here — the purrfectly round big kitty or his sweater!

4. The size of this croc jumping out of the water

5. This Great Dane puppy, a difference of one year

6. Only one question remains: Do both dogs fit through the doggy door?

7. “Sadie the squirrel has eaten 3 jack-o’-lanterns so far.”

8. With such a good boy, you might not need an alarm system.

9. From pupper to woofer in just 1 year!

10. Meet the giant African land snail.

11. The weirdest thing about it is that it looks used.

12. “Help! A dreadful kitten is about to attack!”

13. A huge ice cave in a glacier in Alaska

14. “My dad used to take me to feed the buffalo outside of town when I was little. We called this guy Big Daddy.”

15. “My girlfriend’s hand next to a Great Dane’s paw”

16. King-sized beds look like baby cradles compared to this one.

17. Look at the big tires, then look at the tires that carry the big tires.

18. This would be a regular fireplace picture if not for the person caught in the frame.

19. The thorns on the Acacia erioloba look like a whole new level of danger.

20. Imagine a lizard like this one climbing up your gate!

21. Elvis from the Australian Reptile Park is an absolute unit of a saltwater crocodile.

22. Sharing is caring, no matter what size you are.

23. Imagine adding such findings to your geological collection!

24. “My grandmother and uncle next to their giant homegrown veggies”

25. “Ordered 3 lb of sweet potatoes, got a 3-lb sweet potato.”

What thing or creature surprised you with its size recently? We’d be happy to see your pictures and comments in the section below!

Preview photo credit tyxlxr / Reddit


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