20+ Thrifty People Shared Their Genius Money-Saving Tips

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Saving money is both useful and pleasant because, in the future, you’ll be able to buy something you’ve always dreamt of. And some people can use scraps to make things that look as if they’d been bought in an expensive store.

“My wife was tired of our kids wasting toilet paper. They roll and tear it. And then she had a genius idea.”

“I made our Christmas tree out of books this year.”

“My knife was dropped. The company gave me a full refund, 4 years after purchase, making good on their lifetime guarantee.”

“We each have our own colored rubber band we put around whichever cup we’re using that day, and I end up washing fewer dishes.”

“Using pen springs to reduce wear on your especially fragile power cables!”

“My wife has a tiny spatula to get the last bit of lotion out of the container.”

“Novelty socks with holes turned into baby leg warmers.”

“I handmake my Christmas ornaments every year (except for the glass baubles).”

“I planted lettuce, kale, and spinach seeds in small troughs, and now I have endless greens by taking a few leaves at a time.”

“It’s saved me a fair bit of grocery money.”

“Needed a new food bin the same day my kettle broke.”

“Got this new $1,800 couch for $500 from the furniture store because there were a couple of rips in the fabric.”

“My utensil rack from my kids’ construction kit”

  • Very creative! You must have great confidence in how sturdy your rack is to trust it with that measuring cup! Nice advertisement for how well it’s made! © musical_froot_loop / Reddit

“We seemed to be out of lotion, but instead of buying a new one, I cut the top open and used a bag clip to keep it shut.”

“So much lotion was still in the tube!”

“The plastic scoop for the cat litter broke. Then I realized I had a metal strainer.”

“You can use an embroidery hoop to make it easier to repair holes in clothes.”

“Wrapping gifts with all the store flyers I got in the mail. Second year doing this. Frugal and sustainable!”

“Save produce scraps for morning tea.”

“Installed a bidet on our pot today. Curious to see how long that roll of toilet paper lasts now that we don’t need it.”

“Got my first darning loom today and patched up a hole in my pocket from my wallet.”

“Too many holes in the shirt? Dogs have a new tug toy.”

“It’s a pasta drying rack from an old coat rack and chopsticks. Bonus: My dog can’t reach it.”

“Reusable paper towels! They are super absorbent like paper towels and dry much faster.”

“My husband’s favorite thing to do is fishing when it’s freezing. My ingenuity and 2 sanitary pads saved him from frostbite.”

“I didn’t have to buy insoles, and he was still warm.”

What are your money-saving life hacks?


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That is Not a bidet, that is a WASHLET. A bidet is a separate entity from the toilet and it is usually placed next to it. Also, you still need to WIPE before washing.


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