20 Times Designers Amazed Us With Their Inventions

3 years ago

Being a designer requires limitless creativity and millions of new ideas. The people featured in today’s article prove that true professionals really do exist and they know what’s what. We bet you’ve never seen taxidermy stuffed toys or a wrist watch that you literally have to read.

Bright Side is inspired by these designers’ boundless imaginations that help make our world an absolutely incredible place.

No one will get lost.

When you want unique decor above your fireplace but love animals too much.

The water tap drips onto plants to not waste water.

An ordinary marker creates such an incredible effect.

This basket table turns into a masterpiece in the blink of an eye.

Alien architecture

You shall not pass!

“This water bottle I got at my cinema is super cool.”

The barcode for this pasta product

Defensive urban architecture

Hologram lamp

This Mickey Mouse lamp for true Disney fans

3D printed prosthesis limbs

This antique lock looks cool.

You won’t miss this ashtray.

Pepsi knows how to please Star Wars fans.

An unusual keyboard

Beautiful bike racks

For those who don’t like numbers:

“I can watch this forever.”

Bonus: sunburn art

Many people see this art as an alternative to tattoos. Sunscreen and other skin protectants are applied in a design and you leave your skin to bake in the sun.

It looks cool but dermatologists don’t recommend getting too many of these “tattoos” as sunburns can damage our skin.

Which item did you like the most? Tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit minilua.com, Diggita/ Twitter


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