20 Times Designers Decided to Push the Limits of Creativity

2 years ago

People create unconventional things that may look bizarre but the effect they have on us is basically the same as the Mona Lisa. Art and creativity can be different and it’s good that our world embraces things with an open mind.

We at Bright Side support all creative people and we want to share 20 offbeat things that designers have created to impress others.

1. “Getting a fresh cut to start the year”

2. “I found it in Germany in front of a museum.”

3. A romantic tea set

4. Giant building that looks like a dresser

5. “Bowling shoe heels”

6. “My mom found this for $9. It’s a sculpture of a hand using a feather to tickle a foot.”

7. “I found this in a house that’s for sale nearby.”

8. “The shoes I discovered in a second-hand shop”

9. “I saw the hotdog candle here last week. Here is the whole collection.”

10. “A chair I saw at my job.”

11. Folding dinner table

12. Chicken wing sculpture

13. Chicken soup popsicles

14. “When you have to be in the carpool at 8 AM and the swimming pool at 6 PM.”

15. “A ceramic cup that looks like a plastic cup that has ants on it”

16. Women’s toilet entrance

17. A scarf made of socks

18. “A 3-legged table that my boss found and put in my office”

19. Croc skates

20. “This sculpture of a rock climber in a hospital ward”

What was the most unusual thing that you saw recently? What do you think about modern art?


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