20 Times People Messed Up at Work and There Was No Way to Hide It

3 years ago

All jobs have their degree of difficulty. But the truth is that, in many cases, you just need to use a bit of common sense in order to not make certain mistakes that may seem, well, let’s say very basic. These can become funny when we realize what we have just done, like installing a fence door in the middle of a park that has no fence, or maybe installing a sign upside down.

Bright Side shows you some of these mistakes that are so messed up, you have to laugh or else you’ll cry. And remember, we could all be that guy who made this type of mistake!

1. “My hands are shaking.”

2. “Done with the cable ramp, boss.”

3. “Trying to fix an issue. IT department says, ’Check all the wire connections.’”

4. “A shower without the shower”

5. “Installed the random gate and locked it, boss!”

6. “I installed the towel bar boss.”

7. “Safe or no?”

8. -Wall is in the way, we can’t install that there.
-No worries, I’ll fix it:

9. “I installed the button, boss.”

10. “My new sweatpants had different lengths on the legs.”

11. “When the last person painted over a giant huntsman spider...”

12. “Installed the camera pole, boss.”

13. Check out the new non-gravitational seat on the train.

14. They had no buttons left anymore...

15. “Looks like something permanent.”

“This is a temporary repair. The real repair will probably be completed come spring.”

16. “This paper napkin dispenser”

17. “I painted the parking lot, boss.”

18. “This sign has been like this for MONTHS.”

“A disk read error. Press ctrl + alt + del...”

19. How could someone think this was a good idea?

20. “I installed the fence, boss.”

“Private property. No trespassing.”

What is the strangest thing or the worst mistake you have ever seen someone make in their work? Have you ever made a mistake like this? Do you have a picture to share with us?

Preview photo credit Yazzi1018/Reddit, PamEricus/Reddit


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