20+ Touching Photos of Elderly Animals

4 years ago

The day when a small fluffy creature appears in the house becomes one of the happiest ones. But after a little time passes, we notice that their adorable muzzle gets covered with gray hair, that our friend can’t walk as fast as they used to, and that their hearing isn’t that sharp anymore. But one thing stays the same — our pets keep on loving us as much as their small but extremely loyal heart allows them to.

With this compilation, Bright Side wants to remind you of how important it is to appreciate those who’ve unconditionally gifted us an ocean of love and warmth their whole life.

“This is our Savva. At the end of March, he turned 18. Apparently, his hearing is pretty bad, so he meows like crazy because he’s bored. But he’s family!”

“My sweet Olive turned 16. Wish a very happy birthday to this little tube of love.”

“This is Sadie. She’s 17.”

“My old man is going to be 16 this year. He’s still a kitten at heart, but today, he needs his favorite bed to be placed a little closer to the fire.”

Kirby’s LinkedIn picture, age 13

“My old boy trying out his new ramp”

“Old lady cat, Queen Pauline, is 18 today!”

“Happy 21st birthday, Mario!”

“Bonya, 15 years old. My retired child...”

“This is Red, a pit bull mix. He’s about 15 years old.”

“My 12-year-old Kira still loves hiking.”

“I was 23 when I adopted him. Now, he’s 16, and I’m almost 40.”

“It’s this old man’s 14th birthday today!”

“This is Cleo. 23 years ago, she appeared in our garden. Today, she’s almost deaf and half-blind, but she still enjoys the sun and being pampered.”

“Our friend turned 14 recently, but he still destroys his toys like a puppy.”

“We’ve been together for 20 years. He helped me through some rough times.”

“My dog is 11 years old. We walk 2-3 miles almost every day.”

“Our Manechka is about 13 years old. She’s spent 10 years with us. We adopted her when she was 3, she had a difficult life story.”

This beauty turned 14!

“Our 15-year-old chinchilla just gave birth for the first time in 8 years.”

“My 15-year-old chihuahua has very sensitive eyes due to iris atrophy. Here she is in her glasses, and I can stop smiling because of this photo.”

And how old is your beloved family member? Share photos of your fluffy friends with us.

Preview photo credit Damasticator / Reddit


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My cat is only 3 years old, but I sometimes already notice white fur on him:(


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