20+ Treasures People Found in a Thrift Shop and Got for Practically Nothing

3 years ago

Thrift shops are always a lottery. Most of the time, nothing will catch your eye, but sometimes, you can find an exclusive item in a pile of junk that someone decided to throw away.

We at Bright Side are always happy for those lucky customers, and we love taking a closer look at their findings.

“When I bought this lamp, I thought only the dots would glow. But when I turned it on, I was shocked.”

“This brooch looks exactly like my tattoo.”

“I can’t believe I found an ’original’ da Vinci painting at my local thrift shop.”

“This is a Christian Dior suit set. Yes, I’m aware that I look like a banana.”

“I paid $1 for each of these little ghosts.”

“This little bow looks perfect on my cat.”

“I bought this waffle maker for $15 and when I came home, I saw that it costs almost $500 on Amazon.”

“Look at our dinosaur teapots! I bought them for almost nothing. Who could refuse?”

“The best thing I could buy for $7”

“This hippo cost me $1.”

“A vintage dress in a Renaissance style that cost me $12”

“I can’t believe I snatched this beauty before anyone else.”

“When I saw this lamp, I knew that it belonged with me.”

“It’s only $3.50.”

“Snake X-ray plates”

“I bought this outfit for $6.”

“Nothing in the world makes me as happy as this shower curtain does.”

“$7 for my dream skirt”

“This miniature book library is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“I found this amazing Egyptian tapestry for 50 cents. It had a tag that said it was $450.”

Have you ever managed to buy something cool for a penny? Tell us about it!

Preview photo credit Hannah Marie / facebook


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I believe it is. I have never EVER found something valuable in a thrift store. But I have found some great clothing in vintage shops ;)


My dad is a thrift shop addict! Also, he LOVES yard sales. He lives in the US and it;s like a hobby of his to visit yard sales and buy old stuff :p


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