21 Creative People Who Prove You Don’t Need an Interior Decorator to Have a Cool Living Space

2 years ago

When we move into a new house, it takes a while to get used to the new environment since everything seems strange and unfamiliar. It’s only when we start sparkling up our place — like by transforming old creaky stairs into a secret lair for our kids to play in or by freshening up a neglected space— that we can start calling it “home.”

Bright Side has prepared a collection of pics shared by some people who seem to have missed their calling as interior designers.

1. “A fun hideout for my kids under the basement stairs.”

2. “My cozy conservatory.”

3. “My DIY cozy studio library (the evolution).”

4. “Just finished remodeling my kitchen. What do you guys think?”

5. A festival of lights in your own backyard!

6. DIY project — who needs a contractor?

7. When you’re inspired, the possibilities are endless.

“I was expecting a very slight glow-up from the initial pictures, but it turned out so striking!” -MagnesiumMagpie / Reddit

8. “My Lego bouquet feels cozy.”

9. “A super simple laundry room.”

10. “My cozy bedroom on a budget.”

11. “No Thanksgiving get-togethers meant time to finally update the bathroom.”

12. “A before and after of my screened-in porch.”

13. “My breezeway makeover!”

14. “Before and after bathroom update!”

15. “1970s kitchen renovation”

16. “Cozy balcony: before and after”

17. “A before and after of my now cozy kitchen.”

18. “Was originally a closet, now it’s a lounge.”

19. “Movie night on my balcony”

20. “My city backyard oasis”

21. “Gave our balcony some life today!”

Which pic did you like best? What other changes would you make to these places? Feel free to share pics of your cozy place too.

Preview photo credit Mortadelllla/ Reddit


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