14 People Who Are Seriously Confused About Fashion

10 months ago

One of the first things you usually notice about someone is how they’re dressed. Clothes help define a person’s personality and everyone has their own style preferences. While some of them might seem strange to you, others are just plain amusing. But clothes are the way people choose to express themselves and we shouldn’t judge their style for being different from runway fashion.

We at Bright Side gathered the most curious photos of people who totally rock their own unique style.

1. Is this the Pigeon Lady from Home Alone 2?

Japanese shoemaker Kyoto Ohata created pigeon shoes that are both feathers and footwear.

2. Can you assemble it yourself?

One does not simply walk into IKEA with their girlfriend.

3. When you can’t decide what to wear.

Long sleeve shorts are ready. Oh, you wanted a long sleeve shirt?

4. Pepperoni-pants-Britney-shirt-hubcap guy

Well, Britney, he must be your most devoted fan.

5. Boots that are good both for deserts and ski tracks.

Mexican men actually wear these type of shoes in an ironic and comedic way.

6. Not sure if he’s a hipster or a satyr.

He must be so warm in all that faux fur.

7. A mix of a fashion model and a traffic cone.

The designer must’ve been spending too much time in the geometry classroom.

Which would you choose: UGGs, Crocs or these?

8. “Unsure where the hair ends and the jacket begins.”

Poor Wookiee...

9. Why would he bring this device to a concert?

Hardcore. Hardstyle.

10. She’s wearing a jean jacket. Literally.

Don’t restyle old denim. Just buy a new jacket.

11. This is the only logical explanation.

Does he actually have to bend to get his phone from the pocket?

12. So many questions.

Are those matching unicorns on both his shorts and underpants?

13. Grocery shopping in a head-to-toe pepita pattern.

We have a feeling that their outfits don’t match.

14. So fashion!

Either way, the cat looks cool.

Are you brave enough to wear anything like the outfits we’ve shown you above? Or have you ever seen someone wearing such extravagant clothes? Share your stories and photos in the comments!

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Actually people wearing "things" like these should be arrested.... you can't even laugh about them.


Im kinda offended about the "what is in Africa, Stays in africa" BECAUSE I AM NIGERIAN!!! AND NIGERIA IS THE GIANT OF AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think y'all owe me an apology.. >:( ANYHOOO.... It is quite funny. I mean.. these people deserve to be arrested by the fashion police. (apart from that Ikea thing i think that would need a ticket... but apart from that meh)


I'm confused and amazed...But i think the ones i found most interesting was 10 14 8 and 21


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