21 People Who Can Easily Make a Joke Out of Any Situation

4 years ago

The world relies on bright optimists capable of cheering up everyone who surrounds them. Don't believe us? Read our article. We promise the smile on your face will last for the whole day.

Bright Side has collected a set of photos for you to look at which will reassure you once again, that humor can conquer anything. And, the bonus at the end of the article will prove it.

Cat instincts won't let you go past the cardboard box and not climb into it, even if you're a black panther.

When a prankster also has an obvious artistic talent:

Hmm, now I know what to say next time I get caught near the fridge at night.

Yes, that's exactly what I meant. Thanks.

Merchandisers have their own sense of humor, and sometimes it's weird.

When you are a cool biker but can't resist a kids playground.

This girl has as much courage as she does shirt-irony.

A creative pick-up at the airport is a sure thing if you have funny friends.

Garbage men have a sense of humor too.

"That's the best card ever given to me by my kid."

An amazing present from my husband for Valentine's Day.

There are people who never lose their sense of humor, even after a natural disaster.

"One of my best friends married his girlfriend. Our other best friend was his witness."

When you work alone but you clearly understand what investors want from you.

"My Olympic talent."

"That's how my closet should respond every time I scream in a panic that I have nothing to wear."

Don't let jokers enter your kitchen.

"My talent? I can fit into duffle bags."

In this store, they definitely have a sense of humor.

Moms can play jokes too.

Have a good day and the same good mood as these bubbles!

Bonus: we wonder if it's sarcasm or truth.

Have you ever been in a situation where your sense of humor helped you greatly? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit JarrettsPosts / twitter


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