21 Photos That Show How Much Time Changes Things (New Pics)

3 years ago

Time seems to go too slow sometimes. But looking around, there are many objects that remind us that the passing of days is happening at a constant pace. We can measure it in the number of years it takes to file down the tines of a fork, or in the months it takes our pet to destroy his new favorite toy.

As proof that there is not one single way to measure time, here at Bright Side we collected 20 pictures that show there is never a pause in the calendar.

1. A tree grows in spite of a gripping hand.

2. “A dog’s best friend”

3. “My grandma & grandpa’s old couch from the ’60s, that survived the Teton Dam flood in southeast Idaho”

4. Curved stairs after many years of going up and down

5. “A guitar impression after 42 years in its case”

6. An almost disappearing knife at a grocery store

7. Naturally made stairs

8. “A Doberman metal sculpture rusted to look like an actual Doberman.”

9. “My mother’s clipboard from doing the newspapers crossword puzzles for 30 years”

10. “200-year-old French butcher block used by a right-handed butcher”

11. “A tree branch grew through the chain-link fence and now it looks like a piece of rope.”

12. “The stairs leading to the top of Arc de Triomphe”

13. “The forest is consuming this old car.”

14. “Not gonna lie, I definitely added to the wear of this bronze bench.”

15. “Puppy toys about 6 months apart”

16. Time to buy a new leather wallet.

17. “Before I got a mouse pad”

18. “Headphone ear cushions replaced after 3 years of use”

19. Cutting board in a restaurant after 5 years of use

20. “Well-worn fork from my great-great-grandparents, still used to this day”

21. “This sign got deformed by a growing tree.”

Can you find something around you that shows the passage of the time? Share your photos with us!

Preview photo credit Giuseppe Penone (2003)/ Wikiart


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