21 Sleepy Animals That Are Just All of Us This Season

3 years ago

Even the most energetic of animals appreciate a nice nap and a good night’s sleep. And lucky for us, they have absolutely no shame in how or where they take their breaks. Whether it’s hugging their best friend or hanging awkwardly from the passenger seat, we never fail to relate to them.

Bright Side presents you with a group of animals that you’ll want to switch places with this fall.

1. It’s bananas how relaxed they are.

2. “I walked in to see my 2 dogs sleeping together. Cutest thing I’ve seen in a while.”

3. “Blepping in her sleep”

4. “My little guy likes sleeping in his succulent.”

5. “I woke up to him sleeping like this next to me this morning.”

6. “Sleep well, little one.”

7. “Just some brothers sleeping”

8. “My boss’ dog has been sleeping like this for 15 minutes now...”

9. “He always sleeps like he fell from the fiftieth floor.”

10. “My ferret sleeping on my belly — those are her back legs folded in half.”

11. “Anyone else have a cat who sleeps like this? It’s her preferred sleeping position.”

12. “My hamster fell asleep in my hand.”

13. “Since I left home for the military a few months ago, my dog has been sleeping on my bed.”

14. “Just found her sleeping like this and I can’t stop laughing.”

15. “My co-pilot sleeping on the job”

16. “Found our Great Dane sleeping like this.”

17. “My mom’s partner found this squirrel sleeping in her garden.”

18. “Don’t have many friends to share my cat with, so here’s how he sleeps.”

19. “He fell asleep while licking my hand.”

20. “The dog wasn’t sleeping but stayed like that for half an hour so he wouldn’t wake her up.”

21. “I’m a horse vet. This adorable little guy fell asleep on my feet while I talked to his people.”

Which of these is your spirit animal when it comes to sleeping? If you have a pet who sleeps like there’s no tomorrow, drop their photo in the comments!

Preview photo credit 2RoamRome / Reddit


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