21 Things That May Make You Wonder If They’re Actually Real

year ago

The world is full of things that we’re unaware of. Sometimes, we can come across things whose concept is so unimaginable to us, the only thing we can do is ask ourselves what we’re really looking at. Nevertheless, being in touch with things we are not used to is all part of the fun we can have in life.

1. “My province recently unveiled its new ’World’s Largest Cheeto.’”

2. “I found a soft, fuzzy car in Reno. How do you even keep it clean?”

3. “G8er boi”

4. “The building in Detroit being built from the top down”

5. “This phone-box has a defibrillator in it.”

6. “A ’no skateboarding’ sign that offers an alternative”

7. “Discovered a piano...in the middle of a hiking trail.”

8. “I passed a chicken limo while working.”

9. “I drove by a training school for telephone linemen.”

10. “I found a $100 movie prop bill on the ground today.”

11. “Woke up this morning and saw that my curtains had coincidentally formed a camera obscura.”

12. “The leaves are changing exactly where the morning sunlight hits.”

13. “Armored Crocs”

14. “Let’s have a cup of teeth.”

15. “This is weirdly amazing.”

16. “Seen in downtown Nashville.”

17. “An entire functional wall clock purse”

18. “A spider made a nest inside a fake spider in my Halloween graveyard.”

19. “Took a bite of my apple and it’s red inside.”

20. “These picnic tables with swings for seats”

21. “Been going to the bathroom for 48 years...never saw anything but a straight perforation before.”

Have you ever found something so unexpected that you thought your eyes were deceiving you? What was it? We would love to know in the comments.


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He was a sgater boi
She said, "See you later, boy"
He wasn't good enough for her
She had a pretty face
But her head was up in space
She needed to come back down to earth.


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